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Vatika in Hindu means garden. In India, coconut oil is widely used in Ayurveda health remedies. This special blend of coconut oil, henna, lemon & Amla provides natural nourishment to your hair. The blend gives the hair body and radiance, taking care of the critical balance of nutrients. Our pure coconut oil is blended with henna and Amla with lemon to strengthen each strand of hair from within. When used 1 day before washing, Vatika Frosting provides a protective coating promoting shine and health. A scalp massage with Vatika Frosting also promotes hair growth. To maintain the oil and moisture balance of your hair, remember to do a conditioning treatment with oil at least three times a week.

Reviewed by 6YearsInTheNaturalGame , 12/18/2017

I went on a black friday splurge and I'm glad I did. I ended up picking up two of the vatika frostings. Scent wise it smells like Vanilla. When you first open the jar the coconut oil is solidified. The way I used it (and how I'd recommend it) is to warm it up into its liquid state.

Thus far I've used it with my deep conditioner. (I apply my deep conditioner and then I seal it with this oil and as a scalp message). Let me tell you, this absorbed right into my hair. It was not playing games.

My only complaint is that I used it up pretty quickly. Then again, I have long 4a/4b hair. (6yrs going on 7yrs in the summer). In order to "stretch" out the use of this product I'd recommend diluting it with other oils (grapeseed; avocado oil, etc.).

Reviewed by Crystal F, 09/02/2014

This product smells like HEAVEN. Consistency is very light...but a little goes a long way. Worth $...I wish this came in a bigger jar though! I will buy again!

Reviewed by Km , 09/01/2014

Smells wonderful and works great. I love using it as an oil rinse and prepoo.

Reviewed by Cj , 08/22/2014

Has a wonderful sweet vanilla frosting smell. Great additive to conditioners that need a little help. It works best for me in the summer to soften my hair. Also makes a nice hair grease.

Reviewed by Illori H, 04/18/2014

I'm in love with Vatika Frosting. I use it in my pre poo/detangling sessions. It absorbs into my hair very nicely and makes it feel awesome. Thanks so very much for creating this product.

Reviewed by WillsGirl2005 , 12/09/2013

I use this oil for EVERYTHING, almost. I oil my scalp with it, I use it as a pre-poo, I add it to my conditioners as a deep conditioner. I use it to add a little shine to my hair. Its the Bomb! And it smells like something you can eat(dont eat it). Definitely a staple. I keep two jars on hand at all times!I give this two thumbs up and two big toes- Fo Real.

Reviewed by LYRIC , 07/24/2013

Vatika Frosting is the business when it comes to hair conditioning. If I had to choose only one product for my hair regime it would be Vatika Frosting. My 2/3 hair type responds favorably via softening and shine after using this product. And the smell, ladies I am telling you . . . heavenly. I should be getting affiliate marketing dollars for advertising VF on my Graciously Grey blog. Perhaps BJ will consider an affiliate marketing program for this liquid gold and all the HV line. So proud of what you all are accomplishing. Keep it coming.



Reviewed by Tonja , 05/31/2013

I've been using this oil since I big chopped 4/18. My hair has grown and now i can pineapple and wear a afro that shows length. This oil is the best ever. I use in naptural85 shea butter recipe and to seal my hair after moisturizing. I have 4c hair with a few strands of 4b and I am feeling better about wearig my hair out more and more. My hair is moisturize and my twist outs are lasting 5 days with the recipe and this vatika frosting. I just ordered 4 bottles. The smell is awesome!

Reviewed by Njeri , 03/22/2013

Love it!!!! I just received my jar in the mail today. I immediately opened it and applied to my hair. The smell is so delicious and my hair instantly felt so soft and smooth. I'll be purchasing some more next week for me and my sister.

Reviewed by 4a h, 03/07/2013

I LOVE this oil. It is the best smelling product to ever come in contact with my hair. I apply it on my second (sometimes even third and fourth) day hair. It keeps it soft and shiny. The fact that the ingredients are of great quality is just the icing on the cake!!

Reviewed by jay , 10/14/2012

I love this stuff. I have very coily, dense, hair (4c). My hair used to hate coconut oil when I first stated my hair journey. Now it loves it and this stuff makes it so soft. I use it to seal my moisturizer, on top of Sitrinillah when DC, on my skin, I just love it! My boyfriend used to complain about all the stuff that I buy for my hair online. I made him try it once and he loves it. He has his own jar of it now lol. Everytime he smells it on me he says "that better not be out of my jar" lol This is good stuff! And a little goes a long way. It lasts for ever! I am currently DCing with it over my beloved Sitrinillah.

Reviewed by KJ , 06/26/2012

I love this oil to do a pre-poo. It preps my hair for washing. It keeps my hair moisturized because I use a shampoo for dry scalp and it can dry my hair out. Smells great and has lasted a year and I have only used half the jar.

Reviewed by Pet , 06/17/2012

I use this oil when my hair gets very dry. A little bit of this moisturizes my hair AND gives it INCREDIBLE shine! Nothing gives me shine like this will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by caramelchubbychick , 06/09/2012

This is the most amazing coconut oil I've ever used. The smell is divine, reminds me of a vanilla cupcake. I use this to oil my scalp. I place minds in the fridge so it's nice and cold when applied to my scalp and it feels so good. You will absolutely love this.

Ingredients include: Pure unrefined Coconut oil, Amla extract, Henna extract, Lemon extract, Fragrance.